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Tolomei sends a letter to Manzuoli about the progress of the Vitruvius lectures. [Facsimile and transcription.]


Letter by Claudio Tolomei to cardinal Jean du Bellay [Tolomei 1547: 195r-v]


"A sharp clash accompanied what would appear to be their earliest meeting, on August 15, 1543, which took place in the context of the controversial re-use of marbles and other building materials intended for St. Peter’s excavated from the Roman Forum: Ligorio was incensed that such a practice was taking place, even with the explicit approval of Paul III." [Sherer 2013: 83]


  • DBI: "Nell'estate di quell'anno, 1543, si pensava ormai che egli stesse arrivando a Roma (v. lett. del Giovio a B. Maffei del 16 ag. 1543, in P. Giovio, Lettere, a cura di G. G. Ferrero, I, Roma 1956, p. 320)."


Tolomei writes a letter to the French king François I, mentioning a "disegno" for a large project where several learned men are involved = possibly the Accademia project. The project's printed description mentioned in the letter is not included and maybe did not survive. [Tolomei 1547: 5r]