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Cardinal Granvelle pays for the print of Sebastiaan van Noyen's (= ab Oya) "Thermae Diocletiani imperatoris quales hodie etiamnum extant, thermae inquam illae, & operis magnitudine, & sacro quadragies mille martyrum sudore per celebres, …" at Hieronymus Cock in Antwerpen


A letter by Gabriele Faerno from Cremona (1511–1561) to Pietro Vettori in Florence, mentioning that Agustín and Matal used Bembo's codex of comedies by Terentius (BL London, Add. Ms. 10266, fol. 119); [Ferrary 1992: 160]: «Ne ho ancora una copia cavata da un riscontro che ne fecero insieme monsignore Antonio Augustino et monsignore Metello dottor Borgognone, che annotarono ogni minima minutia». About Faerno: [Cisorio 1925] and [Voet II 1981: 905–908]. About Bembo's Terentius codex [Prete 1950]. (after [Heuser 2003: 89, FN 2])


Date of the dedication of Onofrio Panvinio's Republicae Romanae Commentariorum Libri Tres. (Venice: Officina Eramiana apud Vincentium Valgrisium, 1558) to emperor Ferdinand.

[Bauer 2020: 62]: "In the preface to the Fasti of 1558, Panvinio stated that he had ‘lived in Rome for a long time’ in the past, which shows he was not at all sure when he would be able to return there. [FN 4: Panvinio, Fastorum libri V, Commentariorum in Fastos consulares Appendix, dedicatory preface to Francisco de Vargas dated 1 August 1558, sig. *2r: ‘Rome, ubi longo tempore vixi’.]


Agustín writes a letter to Onofrio Panvinio in Venedig [Cooper 1993: 110] [Heuser 2003: 89 Fn 4] citing the edition of Mazochi's "Epigrammata" he presented and dedicated (= Cod. Vat. lat. 8495) to Matal as the "libro di Metello".